Mix up the DENIM with short jackets, long coats, oversized shirts, fitted shirts, trousers, skirts, shorts or jumpsuits. Combine the pieces, add textures, colours and embellishment.

  1. Keep it simple by wearing well fitted high waisted DENIM jeans with a crisp white shirt
  2. Double DENIM – wear bottoms and tops or wear 2 DENIM jackets or denim leggings and skirt
  3. DENIM Trousers – wear cut off and frayed
  4. Mix fabrics and textures with DEMIN jacket over silk, lace, animal prints or leather
  5. Mix light DENIM with dark DENIM
  6. Turn unwanted DENIM into patches and sew onto trouser knees, jacket elbows etc
  7. DENIM jeans are wide legged, straight, flared and cropped,
  8. Show off the trouser shape with heels or flats and tights, coloured or fishnet
  9. Fray DENIM jackets and shirts
  10. Add buttons, embellishment and belts