Regus surveyed senior business people from across Brighton to find out what’s HOT when it comes to workplace attire.

Results reveal that established ideas are being challenged by the city’s professionals. 65% of Brighton managers believe that a suit and tie is too formal for the modern workplace. 61% believe that jeans are now acceptable in the office.

The survey also asked attitudes regarding footwear. 52% of respondents in Brighton believe sandals to be acceptable and 23% thought flip flops suitable. Tracksuits were deemed the least acceptable office outfit with just 10% claiming to see nothing wrong in taking a sporty look into the office.

Richard Morris UK CEO of Regus said “Everything about the world of work is changing, from where we work to the hours we spend working to what we wear. This more relaxed attitude to workwear is a reflection of the fact that the office environment is now a lot less formal in many cases – lifestyle and work are integrating”.

I totally agree with the survey, Brighton is a City were there are a lot of creative companies and this would give a huge percentage of people responding with a more casual office look.

To do away with the traditional suit and tie for men and suits, dress and jackets for the women it does make it hard for people to know how casual to go. For some people this is an absolute nightmare when shopping and updating their wardrobe. Work and lifestyle clothes start to become one.

This article was taken from the Argus newspaper June 2016

Picture of Gresham Blake’s answer to a more casual business look.

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