Jane Busby styled and staged more fashion flash mob shows last Saturday for the third year running

After finalising the outfits with the shops, sorting the music with Jonno Cox from Fickle Events and working out the schedule, Jane met the models on Saturday morning to rehearse. Jane went over the routines with the models for each of the 4 shops and Jayne Vanessa Read worked on the model’s hair and makeup.

At 12.00 the 6 girls burst out of Rock Lobster in George Street, Hove to the music ‘Dancing in the Streets’ looking stunning in the boutique’s outfits. After just over 3 min the girls disappeared back into the shop with several of the audience following in to try on what they had just seen the models wearing. Owners Michael and Debbie said it was brilliant – ladies were buying the whole outfits from the catwalk.

The team then took taxis to Eyesite on North Street Brighton for their next flash mob. This time it was 4 girls and 2 boys looking very sophisticated and cool in the designer sunglasses from Eyesite. After a second flash mob outside Eyesite the group moved onto Pretty Eccentric in Bond Street. The 6 girls changed into the gorgeous 1920’s dresses and come out of the shop and performed a Charleston dance. It was not long before the crowds gathered to see the girls transformed into flappers and showing off the beautiful dresses.

After Pretty Eccentric it was on to Movel shoes to put the final touches to the shop’s opening day with a Brazilian flash mob dance. The 8 models wore the Brazilian inspired trainers. The statement on the shop window says ‘Let your ginga out – trainers designed to let the feet move freely, fluidly and with confidence’. The models certainly showed the trainers off and they made the trainers irresistible to the crowds that stopped to watch.
If you’d like to get involved as a shop, model or venue, please call me on 07860 136 455