W17/18 Pure Catwalk

W17/18 Pure Catwalk

It’s a NEW YEAR, take a look at yourself – do your outfits work with your lifestyle, do they enhance your colour and shape and above all do you feel confident in wearing your clothes.

As time goes by our work, life and needs from our wardrobe change and we have to update our outfits for present living.

Start with a capsule wardrobe – 11 key items

3 x bottoms i.e. 2 trousers and 1 skirt

4 x tops i.e. shirt, t-shirt, jumper and long sleeved top

3 x jackets/cardigans

With these 11 key items chosen carefully it is possible to make up 45 different outfits.

For more information and advice to help you with your wardrobe call Jane on 07860 136 455