Help with post baby wardrobe

Your beautiful new baby has arrived. Everything is in chaos. No time to think about yourself. Chuck on the same old jeans and suitable baby feeding top. Been invited out! PANIC what to wear! Can’t fit into anything in your wardrobe. Feel a mess, lost your self esteem.

HELP! Does this sound familiar?

Relax, stop and take a minute and lets think about your Colour, Style and Shape.

The good news is that the colours that have always suited you will still do so and your STYLE will be the same. It is likely that your SHAPE has changed for the time being and your lifestyle and the requirements of your wardrobe are very different.

Look through your wardrobe and see what does fit you and – do you still like it and if yes put to one side. Now, to bring these main pieces together you will now be able to have a clearer idea of what to buy in the shops.

Obviously with possibly more weight round your bust, tummy and thighs you will be looking for a larger size and soft material which moves with you rather something snug and clingy. Keep to block dark colour on your bottom half and wear layers, small prints and designs on your top half to create a taller, leaner silhoutte. You will feel better just going out and updating your wardrobe with something in this season’s colour and design.

I offer a personal shopping service tailored to Mums with babies and small children so please call me on 07860 136 455 for help and advice.